My state men

You know, sometimes I really wish we could choose certain things in life…honestly would you choose to be born in a rich family or you would rather grow your empire? Most of my friends born in rich families say, they prefer the opposite but for me…I would die to reverse my life and choose a different family…I will make sure I choose correctly, I would make sure I go for the one where every child goes to a private school, where every one of us have their own bed room and we never go to bed without desert. Because I have been in a poor family and that has led me in making choices that today I cannot own up to and I am ashamed of. But anyway today I am rich, independent and wise no one can touch me, but I always wonder where I will be today if it wasn’t for my state men?


How do u know y…

How do u know your standard is too low? i know its low when i kiss and make up.